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Training for your genes: enhanced benefit from endurance activities

When it comes to exercise, how much emphasis should you place on endurance training versus strength training? While there are benefits to both, some people are genetically predisposed to experience enhanced benefits from one type of exercise or the other. Your genetic report from Vivaliti DNA can provide you with important insights into how to get maximum results from your training regimen by adjusting your workouts to focus on the activities that are most beneficial for you.

If your DNA profile reveals that your genetics are associated with enhanced benefits from endurance activities, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be better at endurance sports or that you will perform poorly in power sports. But it does provide an indication of how your body will respond to these activities in terms of muscle mass development and body fat percentage decrease. This knowledge allows you to move away from one-size-fits-all exercise programs and develop a training program that will help you meet your individual health and fitness goals.

What it means if you have a better endurance response

If your DNA report indicates that you have a better endurance response, that means that it’s likely easier for you to do exercises requiring large amounts of oxygen and involving a steady state of exercise. This applies to both cardio exercise and strength training. Your muscles may be better suited to repetitive work, such as longer duration cardio sessions or high-repetition weight training. You are likely to experience leaner muscle mass development and less likely to bulk up.

In terms of strength training, individuals with a better endurance response are likely to experience the best results when performing more reps at a lower weight. Your body will also respond well to cardio exercise, which you can perform for longer durations and split into varying forms of intensity.

Beneficial endurance exercises

Endurance exercise provides numerous benefits in the areas of aesthetics, energy, and performance. It enhances your immune system, increases energy, improves balance and coordination, increases longevity, improves mood and sleep quality, and helps prevent age-related cognitive decline. Try a combination of the following endurance activities for the best results:

  • Running is one of the most available and affordable exercises for most people. You can do it at almost anywhere at any time. Running improves your cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles, burns calories, and helps build strong bones. All you really need are some running shoes. Invest in a good, properly fitted pair to avoid injury.
  • Cycling is another great endurance exercise that increases stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness. Because cycling is a low-impact activity, it causes less stress on your joints than running, and may be a better option for people with joint pain or injuries. Cycling uses all of the major muscle group in your lower lower body, making it an excellent muscle workout.
  • Water aerobics can be a fun way to mix things up and activate different muscle groups. Water provides resistance, which helps strengthen your muscles. Swimming is also great for increasing endurance and strengthening muscles, but water aerobics is less intense, which makes it a good option for people of any age and fitness level.
  • Zumba and spinning are endurance activities that have gained popularity in recent years. Sessions for both vary between low intensity and high intensity, and are design to boost aerobic endurance.
  • Yoga can be considered an endurance activity, depending on the style of the class. More intense vinyasa classes increase the heart rate, and can also increase core strength and balance.

Want to find out which types of exercise will benefit you the most? Order your DNA report from Vivaliti DNA. We analyze 80 different genetic markers to give you a complete picture of how your body responds to different foods and exercises, along with other factors that will help you meet your health and wellness goals. Order your genetic test today!

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